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CeOtago is in the local newspaper :-)

June 2018

Ryan Jones sat down with Judit, Shaun and Carroll in Port Chalmers to discuss the educational programme known as Conductive Education (CE) designed to aid those with Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia, head injuries and post stroke-conditions. CE was established during the 1940s in Hungary by Dr Andras Peto and existed in Dunedin during the 1990s. CE has returned to Dunedin and continues to provide services to those who need it.

Based at 3 George Street, Port Chalmers, Conductive Education is run by Judit Varadi. Judit has been working in the CE field for more than a decade, arriving in West Harbour two years ago from Invercargill where she practiced CE for 10 years. CE aims to assist those who have motor disorders such as physical coordination by providing stretches and other techniques to assist them in becoming more independent.

Judit not only provides her clients with independence, but also inspiration, which is made clear in her strong belief that regardless of who you are ‘learning never stops’.

One of Judit’s clients, Shaun Markham (left) has embraced CE and attests to the benefits it brings. Shaun also credits CE for his own personal development over time.

Shaun now has his sights set on a government job in Wellington after graduating with a Master of Economics from the University of Otago.

The practices and exercises of CE are passed onto parents who can incorporate them into daily routines at home, making CE Otago a small community within itself.

CE Otago offer an affordable, accessible and welcoming service to all ages, including an initial free assessment. Anyone is welcome to visit CE Otago and can so by contacting Judit at 021 1143 156.

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