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Conductive Education (CE) offers an active movement based program which is focused on the individual needs within a group environment.

After setting up individual goals the child/client is asked to be active part of the learning in order to achieve their goals.

CE Otago offers small groups sessions to all ages, the children will watch, participate and learn from each other and the adults can offer support, encouragement and share their experiences within their groups.

The ‘Task Series’ is an important element of Conductive Education. It is a series of tasks broken down into small achievable steps to teach the person with movement disorder the skills required to achieve a specific goal.

Conductive Education uses specialist equipment like ladder back chairs and slatted stools.

The conductor uses ‘rhythmical intention’ to control the speed of the movement. It is delivered by counting or with music to reinforce the appropriate rhythm of the task being carried out.

Conductive education uses different facilitation techniques meaning that the conductor helps to complete the given tasks if needed, verbally, manually or by offering the right equipment to use.

Conductive Education is a long term process that will positively change lives and help individuals who are motivated to reach their full potential.